Lumia Highlights Best Shots Of 2014

With Windows Phone, the Lumia smartphone has become an amazing tool for people to take photos on the go, and create breathtaking photos and more. Lumia via its Lumia Conversations on Friday came out with a list of top user generated photos, and came out with some of the bst for 2014.

Via the Lumia Conversations blog, Microsoft makes it a point to show off some of the best user subittted photos and images via their Lumia smartphones. In its collection for 2014, a wide variety of images were collected, each showing off the best of the Lumia, and users enjoyment of the Lumia phones.

Microsoft's Lumia Conversations Highlight Best User Submitted Photos

Trumpets and Amazing Photos

What the Lumia smartphone has done for the average photographer is beyond words, and the first image truly shows that for all to savor. A image of a trumpet emitting fire inplace of musical tones was their first picture, and the crisp imagery of the trumpet blowing flames is something that must be seen to believe.

The Lumia 1020 is the best camera taking smartphone on the market, and a user by the name of TatuLattu took a picture of roaring springs that captures the Lumia 1020’s phone. The crisp details of the spring captures all of its colors, and shows off the power of the Lumia 1020, and makes for a beautiful picture.

Microsoft's Lumia Conversations Show Vivid Colors Available With Lumia Phones

Imagery and Scenery Highlighted

In its remaining selections, Microsoft’s Lumia Conversations blog took a look at a number of outdoors scenes, and demonstrated the power of the Lumia camera. Users took pictures of amazing outdoor shots, breaktaking sceneries, and pictures that could land up on museum walls. From a fall scene to an outdoor building image, its all Lumia.

In its latter pics, Microsoft ventured out to the Lumia 1320 and other Lumia cameras, and those pictures show the advancement of the Lumia smartphone and its camera sensor. The Lumia camera is the best camera taking phone on the market, and these collections of photos show it off and will leave anyone’s mouth wide open.

While gadgets rule, great pictures still are amazing. Microsoft via its Lumia Conversations blog surely did show off the Lumia’s great picture taking abilities.

Published: Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 Last Modified: December 31, 2014

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