Lumia 920 Specs Detailed – Can Microsoft Edge Apple This Week With Their New Windows Phone?

Lumia 920 Pic_thumb4Microsoft is expected to unveil the next-generation of Windows Phone devices on Wednesday, September 5, though we’re focusing on how the company can create and edge over Apple and therefore differentiate itself from consumers in a time when the next iPhone is (probably) around the proverbial corner.

We’re excited to see what Microsoft unveil Wednesday; however, it needs to make sure negative comparisons to Apple are non-existent

Revealing a product that’s the same as a product a competitor offers is not going to differentiate yourself so consumers buy a product. With that in mind, we’re talking about how Microsoft can differentiate itself from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live is a service Apple and Google simply cannot offer. Apple offer Game Center with iOS, though it’s nothing more than a hub for collecting friends and achievements. Xbox Live is now more than a gaming service: you can play games, watch movies and television, and browse the internet. Windows 8 brings the functionality to play games on an device running the operating system and then resume on the Xbox, so I expect that feature to be pushed.

A strength of iOS is the quality and quantity of gaming apps, while Android offers just the quantity generally, though Microsoft can offer the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. It would be very compelling to play Limbo or Trials Evolution on a Windows 8 devices, especially with the aforementioned functionality.

Highlight The Killer Features – Co-developing apps

Universal apps on iOS are a greater feature. It means you’re not buying apps for separate devices, and Microsoft is following that idea with the ability for developers to co-build apps. The almost identical UI across Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 means that developers will be able to build one app for two operating systems, and should give incentive for developers looking to appeal to two demographics. That depends on how Microsoft convinces consumers with the announcement of Windows Phone 8, though it should mean the developers have one less reason to not build apps for the mobile operating system.

Ultimately Microsoft needs to focus on the content it offers that competitor’s can’t. Apple ignores call outs to companies, unless negative, and that is perfectly demonstrated in the PC vs Mac TV ads.

Windows 8 launches October 26. Windows Phone 8 is TBA.

Lumia 920 Pic

Nokia’s fate greatly depends on the performance of Windows Phone 8 – the Lumia 920 has some great specs to raise to the top: wireless charging, 32GB memory plus a 8-megapixel camera

Published: Monday, September 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: September 3, 2012

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