Lots Of Windows 8 Devices And Tablets With AMD APU’s

Amd Windows 8 Apu 2012_Thumb.jpg 1 APU is an ‘Accelerated Processing unit’; it is what AMD calls is current CPUs because they integrate the GPU as well and what you will find in a lot of Windows 8 tablets, netbooks, ultrathin notebooks and netbooks.

AMD Confirms Large Plans For Windows 8

AMD has confirmed that it is going to put up a big fight for a chunk of the Windows 8 market, especially in the Windows 8 convertible category where they will be providing a 17watt power consuming APU called Trinity that has the lowest power consumption in the category, provides great graphics performance and has the longest battery life rating amongst the competition. It will provide for better graphics acceleration that would make HTML5 powered web apps much perform better thus bettering Windows 8 user experience.

For the tablet category, their offering — the Hondo APU — is not the strongest in terms of power saving and they have admitted the necessity of reducing the power consumption. According to them, the Temash APU to be released in 2013 will bring them up to competing levels. Hondo will be a 2012 APU. Other than that, Hondo also allows for AMD to get in to fanless clamshells that are commonly used for traditional ultrathin laptops.

Thus, Asus is also going to compete heavily to gain share amongst the ultrathin notebooks as well. Intel has set up a specific type of ultrathins with the brand name ‘Ultrabooks’ and this is AMD has to mainly fight with in this category.

Although the Windows 8 related performance of AMD is hard to predict, it is clear from the results of HP and Acer selling AMD powered devices that this chipmaker is a strong performer in price sensitive brackets. And given the economic situations of most of the big markets including the US, it is clear that economic range is in the highest demand.

Published: Sunday, February 5th, 2012 Last Modified: February 5, 2012

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