Lost Season 6 Wallpaper (Widescreen)

Some great Lost Season 6 Widescreen Wallpaper – LOST will air in one week! The final season of Lost “Destiny found” will be EPIC! Claire will be back in action and we will finally find out everything there is about the mystery of the island.

Lost Season 6 Wallpaper Widescreen

This is supposed to be Claire, but is it really her? We will find it out.
Lost Season 6 Claire

I really love all the symbolic things in LOST. Here a promo picture of LOST Season 6 with reference to the Last Supper:

Lost Season 6 Last Supper

Widescreen Wallpapers

Here are the official LOST Season 6 Wallpaper (Widescreen format)

Lost Season 6 Promo Trailer

To get a glimpse of the upcoming Lost season 6, watch this official promo trailer:

Lost Season 6 Promotional Photos

Published: Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 Last Modified: January 26, 2010

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