Lost Planet 3 Developer Working On Onimusha?

Lost Planet 3 Action Slasher Pics

Developers of Lost Planet are handling an established Capcom franchise.

While working on Lost Planet 3, Spark Unlimited is developing a sequel to a known Capcom “AAA” franchise

Despite having a less-than-impressive track record, Spark Unlimited have been in the spotlight recently. From the Star Wars Battlefront 3 build leaks, which they are rumoured to be developing, along with the announcement of Lost Planet 3, the portfolio isn’t terrible. Now the company is rumoured to be working on a sequel to an established horror franchise, according to a job posting.

The job posting says the company is producing Lost Planet 3 for Capcom, but are also in pre-production on an unannounced and “established console franchise.” They say the title is taking a bold step in the 3rd person action/slasher genre.

The company is looking for an experienced Lead Combat Designer to create a “breakout hit” based on the known franchise. We know it’s not Resident Evil because the sixth title is already in development, and it’s too important for Capcom to outsource, so what could it be?

The responsibilities of the Lead Combat Designer are to work closely with the Game Director, and project leads, to develop a game that feels “visceral, fast and fun.”

Requirements for the position are five years work experience as a combat designer, or a similar role, on current and previous generation consoles. “Melee Combat system experience” with player mechanics and AI behaviours is needed and an understanding of sword fighting combat tactics, martial arts and weapons is needed too. That last requirement looks a little peculiar, as the applicant seems to need a real world understanding of sword fighting and martial arts. Perhaps the company is looking for authenticity in what they’re creating.

Preferred skills are level building and scripting experience with the Unreal 3 engine on at least one shipped console game.

The game has multiplayer, the posting reveals. In a post for a Lead Gameplay Engineer, they are to develop “and maintain network ready code” to ensure it meets multiplayer/coop requirements (presumably a reliable netcode). This includes latency, cheating and client/server state replications.


Regarding what franchise Spark has been given, Onimusha sounds plausible. Every protagonist has a sword, in Japan, fighting demons, recounting the country’s history.

Published: Monday, April 16th, 2012 Last Modified: April 18, 2012

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