Looking At The Skyrim Game Jam Event, There’s Plenty Of Idea For Future DLC

Skyrim Game Jam Event With Vampire Lords and mounted combat, Bethesda has introduced major features into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Both came from an internal Game Jam, a week-long period to thrash out ideas, and here are some from the recently released video that could arrive in future DLC.

Skyrim continues to be awesome with the Dawnguard DLC pack, and it doesn’t seem to be the last post-launch content

A video has surfaced online of Todd Howard, head of The Elder Scrolls developers Bethesda, showing off the results of the Game Jam held inside the company. The event is basically a week-long development session, where potential ideas are made, and it reveals some of the content that could arrive in the future content.

The video is below to watch, and there’s terrifying content (a really big mudcrab) and awesome content (flying dragons). Actually it’s all awesome, but here are the highlights that should be in future DLC.

#1: Assassin’s Creed Meets Skyrim

Yep, Assassin’s Vision brings Assassin’s Creed to Skyrim. Playing stealthily in Skyrim is fun, but going into combat removes the illusion. I guess that’s the point of not entering combat, but playing Assassin’s Creed allows me to kill people while being unnoticed. Assassin’s Vision basically allows important objects in the environment to be seen, so no more running around a corner to find an NPC staring at you.

I’m An Adventurer, Too

#2: Uncharted Meets Skyrim … Sort Of

If I’m walking through a dungeon in Skyrim, it’s basically me running in a room and then killing enemies. The occasional puzzle is sprinkled throughout, but what about jumping sections? A feature in the Game Jam is hanging and moveable platforms. Hiding a high-end weapon at the end of a jumping puzzle is the kind of tension I like.

#3: Follower commands

In Saints Row: The Third I can call in followers when I’m in trouble, and doing the same in Skyrim would be welcome. Therefore, follower commands seem a good solution. There’s the option to order followers according to combat style, training, equipment, and more.

#4:Waypoints, the most obvious feature yet to be implemented

There’s really nothing I need to say about the Waygates shown in the video, below. You walk in a portal, and get fast traveled to another location.

Published: Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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