Live Streaming And Content Production Come To Azure

Azure is a huge hit around the globe for its global storage and backup tools for small and large businesses. But on Thursday, Microsoft released Azure’s newest streaming and content protection tools, which should pleae many who are looking for that.

In previewing the latest Azure Live Streaming and Content Protection tools, Microsoft is touting Azure as the only provider who can offer this. This end-to-end workflow process will be big for large companies, looking to stream video, audio, and more.

Microsoft's Azure Gets Updated With Video Content Tools

Live Streaming Services

With its live streaming services, Azure can offer large companies a cloud workflow system that works for them. They are able to stream their HD quality live events, create live linear , and a whole new VOD experience for viewers around the planet, which is huge.

Azure just showed off this large live streaming service during the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Winter Games, and a number of large global events. It’s been tested on a large audience already, and is open to companies looking to deploy it with their services and videos now.

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Content Protection Tools

Azure also is getting into the content protection business with the announcements made on Thursday. Users can protect their video with a number of encryption methods, and have a license key delivery system that is hosted in the cloud, making it a ton easier to authorize content on the go.

Encoding speeds have been increased as well, and are available in a number of new speeds. Tiered reserved units are also available for larger projects, and for companies looking to block out a portion of resources for themselves. Effective billing and Azure Media Indexing services were also announced on Thursday with these service releases from Microsoft. With the Azure Media Indexer release, companies will be able to extend the search features of their content, making it easier to find content by word, phrases or more. This can be extremely helpful for large audio projects and transcripts for shows and more.

These are bold Azure updates from Microsoft and are courting enterprise customers with it. They are live now, and will be courting large media players with the updates on Azure

Published: Friday, September 12th, 2014 Last Modified: September 12, 2014

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