Live Stream Recordings: GE:S + CS:S

If you missed the live stream yesterday, you can watch the 1 hour live stream recordings of me owning on the WNx (WarriorNation) Golden Eye server and on a random french CSS server.

Counter Strike Source
(image: 5 seconds left until the bomb will go up, 1 terrorist left, who will win? )

Well, I surely didn’t expect to own some of the top players of the oldest GoldeneEye Clan (WarriorNation), but I was dieing a lot:

I have to admit that french players are really good (just look at some of their top clans like AAA), so I joined a random french CSS server. After getting a feel for the game again (haven’t played for ages), I had a few good rounds. Go to 24:37 to see a really close round where I defused the bomb in the last second (yep, literally defused last second after killing 3 terrorists).

If you want to stream video games live to our site, we will soon be adding a dedicated page for it, a tutorial will follow shortly.

Published: Saturday, February 20th, 2010 Last Modified: February 20, 2010

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