Lite Version Of Windows 8 Server To Drive Down Cloud Cost

Microsoft is not only working on Windows 8, but also a lite server version that will greatly drive down cloud costs, making services like CDN’s cheaper.

Lite Server Without GUI, IE Saves Spaces

Microsoft has a new and enhanced feature within the server version of Windows 8 that will help drive down costs when it is released for worldwide consumption. The Server Core version of Windows 8 is a barebones system that has only the most essential components for some of the most common types of servers. This barebone does not have a GUI and trivial things like the Internet Explorer.

The Server Core version of Windows 8 server has been around since 2008 but Microsoft only realized that it needed to make it more flexible when they working on Windows 8. So now, the Server Core comes in various configurations for specific server types. Since this is a lite version that has only the absolutely necessary components, server businesses save majorly one two important areas — money and space.

Businesses will now be able to save thousands of dollars in constant purchases just by selecting the required version of the Server Core. Since this version requires much smaller space to run from, it will also save cloud businesses from having to invest in more storage.

So how does it matter to you and me? Well, the main outcome here is going to be cheaper clouds. And that means cheaper hosting deals, more space per dollar spent and better cloud based services because companies will be able to spend the massive amount of savings on development and (hopefully) better customer care and feedback implementation.

According to the official statement, it took Microsoft “over $10 million and a year talking to the community and cloud solution builders” for making this happen. Just another great thing that Windows 8 will make happen.

Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2012

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