Listing Errors Fuel Rumours of GTA V’s PC release.

Grand Theft Auto V has long been touted for an eventual PC release as was the case with its predecessors. Rumours have been recently gathering pace with a number of interesting occurrences taking place.

PC Port Of GTA V On The Way?

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, PC gamers have been eagerly anticipating a PC port. A PC port that has never been officially confirmed by Rockstar.

All along Rockstar has tried to avoid revealing a possible release date and whether or not there would be any graphical changes, but that has done little to quell any of the rumours that have been doing the rounds.


It appears now, as presumed by many all along, that these rumours have a solid foundation.

GTA V PC Version Listed Online

According to Amazon it appears the PC port of the game is expected to be released sometime between February and March of 2014.

The listing did not have a specific release date and instead recommended contacting Rockstar in order to get more information.


Footage of the alleged PC GTA V was recently uploaded by a Youtube user. The video was quickly removed because of copyright infringement by the owners of Rockstar (Take-Two Interactive). There were many doubts regarding the authenticity such footage but it only furthers the anticipation that is building.

Other Factors Pointing Towards Grant Theft Auto V’s PC Release

Along with everything else, Thiago Diniz, CEO of an electronic distributor in Brazil also appeared to confirm a PC port of GTA was arriving in March.

A leaked 150-page bug log gave more reasons to believe that the development of the port was well underway. The log appears to expose information dating back to 2009; mentions of the PC game were present since June 2012. Another rumor began when a Norwegian retailer claimed that the PC port could be released on March 18th and was already available for pre-order.


Rockstar are still not commenting on the matter, but evidence of the PC port of Grand Theft Auto V being on the way sooner rather than later is pretty much everywhere you look.Our advice is to get ready for it!

Published: Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: January 23, 2014

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