Listen To Spotify With Spoticast On Windows 10

Spotify has a large group of users, and they use the official app most of the time to listen to it. But, many find the official Spotify app missing certain things, and want more. For them, Spoticast has arrived, giving Sporify users much more.

Spoticast is a new Windows 10 app, and lets users stream music from Spotify. You are able to view all your music, view new releases, organize playlists, and best of all, doesn’t require a premium Spotify account to use.

Spoticast Brings Third Party Spotify Fun To Windows 10 Users

Spoticast Features

Spoticast gives Spotify listeners a bunch of neat features, and arrives as a Universal app that works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. As stated, you don’t need a premium account, and managing and creating playlists is simple.

Some of the best parts of the Spoticast app include ways to cast on your TV, AppleTV, Smart TV, or Internet box. Additionally, you can customize your search filter, watch 360 degree videos on there, and ways to use it on all your devices.

Spoticast Helps Spotify Users Jam To Spotify On Windows 10

Comes With An Affordable Price But Will It Last?

Spoticast for Windows 10 is available on the Windows Store, but it does come with a $4.99 price. It does come with a 24 hour trial from the Windows Store to try it out, and it’s definitely worth that to try it out first.

But, the question remains that many will ask, will this app last for the longterm? Spotify doesn’t officially endorse this app, and it does seem to circumvent the Spotify Premium service. It is a unique app, and for $5 isn’t a bad bet to try and use.

Spoticast is available now, and a great way to enjoy Spotify. Try it out, and see if it works best for you.


Published: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 Last Modified: June 7, 2016

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