Listen To Radio Stations Easily With Tune In On Windows 10

We all have our favorite radio stations, and if you’ve moved once or twice in your lifetime, you miss your hometown radio station. You might also just be a radio lover like me, and wants to listen to it all the time. For us, there is Tune In on Windows 10.

Tune In is an app that has been around for sometime, but doesn’t get enough praise for its simplicity and its ease of use. You can listen to stations within seconds, and get podcasts now with its newest updates in the past year.

Browse Radio Stations To Enjoy With TuneIn Radio App On Windows 10

Tunein Radio Features

With TuneIn Radio, you can immediately start listening to live radio from thousands of cities around the globe. This means you can start listening to stations in Los Angeles, London, New York, Sydney, or anywhere else in the world in seconds.

You can also get to listen to your favorite artists, teams, comedians, or talk show hosts whenever they are on. The TuneIn app features ESPN, BBC, CBS, TEDTalks, and other experiences that are bundled with the app.

Browse Stations By Genre With TuneIn Radio App

A Windows 10 Experience

The TuneIn Radio app is built and redesigned for Windows 10, and lets you pin to start your favorite stations for easy listening, whenever you want. You can add stations or shows to your favorites in the app, and that makes them easier to find.

One of the more useful features that I personally use with the app, is the ability to play your programs in the background while you use other apps. This makes it easy to use during the day or night, and you can enjoy it while working or studying.

The TuneIn Radio app is free and on the Windows Store. It makes radio and Podcast listening a breeze, and is a wonderful app on Windows 10.

Published: Friday, December 30th, 2016 Last Modified: December 30, 2016

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