Listen To Music From OneDrive With New Xbox Music App

OneDrive with its massive cloud storage, gives users a huge amount of storage to store documents, photos, and collaborations. Music has been hinted at for sometime, and on Thursday became a reality. Microsoft updated the Xbox Music App, now allowing for accessing music collections on OneDrive.

Starting today, users can start to access their music collection from OneDrive with the new and improved Xbox Music App. Users just need to upload their music to the new “music” folder in OneDrive, and the music will appear on the Xbox Music Apps for Windows Devices and Xbox Consoles including the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Listen To Music From The Web

Microsoft is encouraging users to upload their music to the new music folder on OneDrive, and telling users to start listening to it from the web. Listening to your own music does not require the Xbox Music Pass, but if users have the Xbox Music Pass, they will get an additional 100GB of storage on OneDrive for their music.

OneDrive Music Folders Allow Microsoft Users To Listen To Music From Anywhere

This amount of storage for music on OneDrive for personal collections should be plenty for most users, and will allow users to enjoy music from anywhere. They can listen to it from their computers, laptops, Windows Phones, Xbox consoles, and anywhere else that they can access their OneDrive accounts.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive App For Music File Storage

Microsoft Competing Against Google & Others

By opening up the OneDrive platform to music files, it is giving users another reason to trust and use OneDrive. Google Drive and Dropbox have been used for this, and Apple has their iTunes Match for it as well. With the wide availability of OneDrive on a number of platforms, getting to the OneDrive music is easy.

Windows Phone users especially will rejoice, as they don’t need an Xbox Live account to listen to their music. They previously had needed to, but Microsoft has removed this requirement to get Windows Phone users onboard. 100GB of music storage is awaiting users, and they can start uploading it today.

This OneDrive update for music is a big deal. Now, listen to music in one more spot on the web, and keep all your files together on OneDrive.

Published: Friday, March 20th, 2015 Last Modified: March 30, 2015

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