Listen To Audiobooks With Audible’s Windows 10 App

Often times, people don’t have time to pickup a book and read, and it could be due to long commute times, not enough free time, or other factors. Audible has taken advantage of that, and made a top notch audiobook app for Windows 10 fans.

If you haven’t heard of Audible, they are the Amazon owned company that has owned the audiobook space for 20 plus years. With over 180,000 titles, the selections are endless, and so are the hours of listening on Windows 10.

Audible App Shines For Audiobook Listeners On Windows 10

Click and Listen

From the minute you launch Audible’s Windows 10 app, you are emmeresed in the audiobook aura that is Audible. You can choose a book, download it within minutes, and start listening. They make it that simple to start enjoying a book.

The Windows 10 App has been redone, and gives users a syncing feature to always pickup where they left off. This works with Windows 10 devices of all types. Users on Windows 10, can also use Cortana commends to listen anytime.

Listeners Conrol The Audiobook Experience With The Audible App On Windows 10

Navigating and Free Content

Readers and listeners can navigate chapters with ease, add bookmarks and notes, and slowdown or speed up navigation of the reading. Hundreds of readers are available to read books of all types from fiction to non-fiction, science fiction to romance.

The Amazon store is the cream of the crop as well. It’s bundled within Amazon’s store, and gives instant downloading of audiobooks. Subscribers can also get free daily downloads of the New York Times or WSJ as well, plus get Audible Newsfeeds of their favorite author events.

If you like audiobooks or are intriged by them, download the Audible App on Windows 10. It’s a free download, and it comes with a free trial to try a book today.

Published: Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 Last Modified: February 17, 2016

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