List With 9 Colorful Windows 7 Themes, Red, Blue, Darkish Skins

Superglass Theme

This is a list with a bunch of newly added Windows 7 themes. Blue, Red and some darkish skins.

If you want to install any of the themes below, make sure to first read our extensive tutorials on this topic, because it gets confusing at times

1. Red Theme With Clean Glass Shell

Excellent theme and very cool to the eyes.

windows_7_theme_by_goofyvictim-d324v1a | Mirror

2. Crystal Theme: Cool Wallpaper

This Windows 7 themes features a really cool colorful wallpaper. Check this out:

crystal_piece_visual_style_by_haquinon-d4ajiyh | Mirror

4. Sico Theme For Windows 7

You like to play around with colors? How about gettings this nice theme.

sico_theme_for_7_torrent_by_xleorking-d4arop7 | Mirror

5. Super Glass Theme

A great theme with lots of modifications to your shell. This really customizes Windows 7 – the Start Menu is kind of extraordinary, check it out

super_glass_theme_by_gericat-d4r6uzw | Mirror

6. Blue Azul Theme With New Start Menu and Shell

Simple and yet very cool theme with a blue color scheme.

azul_by_sevensinner_by_se7ensinner-d2yam3x | Mirror

7. RoBy46 Theme Adds New Caption Buttons, Orb, Modifies Icons

Themes expresses the simplicity but yet very calming and smooth to the eyes.

RoBy46_Theme_by_RoBy46 | Mirror

8. Classic Blue Skin For Windows 7

You like blue themes? Get this free skin for Windows 7

classic_blue_skin_pack_v2_0_x64_by_the_dhruv_8-d4kdk53 | Mirror

9. Windows 7 Aero Basic Theme

Got the Basic version? No problem, try this theme:

yads_win7_sp1_aero_basic_theme_by_nitrium_oxide-d3120pr | Mirror

10. WhiteLine Theme With Cool Orb And New Shell

Adds a lot of cool stuff to Windows 7 including a new Start orb

White_Line_Beta_2_by_seahorsepip | Mirror

Stay tuned for more Windows 7 themes that modify your shell and desktop!

Published: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Last Modified: June 12, 2012

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