List With 6 Clean And Professional Windows 7 Themes To Install (Most Popular 2012)

Clean And Professional Themes And Visual Styles For 2012
Tired of the bulky themes? Here is a list with 6 clean and professional themes that are all very popular in 2012. Check this out, if you want something more appealing.

Don’t know how to install them?
Anime themes
All of the themes below are so called custom visual styles. They require you to patch your system files first using the Universal theme patcher. Please read this guide

1. Simplify: Clean White Theme (Popular)

Simply is a great theme, designed in 2012. What I like about it is that it’s very clean and has a nice contrast. White is a sexy and trending color, plus this combination with a dark grey simply rocks. Simplify your desktop with this amazing Windows 7 theme:

Newest most popular 2012 Simplify Theme
Download  2012 Simplify | Mirror

2. Windows 7 Theme “Clear Steam 2.0” With Icons, Cursors, Orbs And More

The author spent a lot of work on this visual style. The theme includes theme files, theme patcher, backgrounds, icons, new Windows 7 cursors, a cool Start orb (windows flag) and a USEFUL readme file to get you started.

Newest most popular 2012 Clear Steam 2.0 Theme
Download  2012 Clear Steam 2.0 | Mirror

3. Aero Clear

This theme is rather simple, but if you like clear Aero themes, give it a try. Also a nice start for customizers who know how to make custom themes

Newest most popular 2012 Aero Clear Theme
Download 2012 Aero Clear | Mirror

4. Arimo: Custom Theme With Special Color Scheme

If you like shell themes with custom color schemes, give this visual style a try. New hard drive status bars, improved caption buttons and navigation buttons for the Windows explorer. Also like the transparency of this theme. Well done

Newest most popular 2012 Arimo Theme
Download Newest 2012 Arimo | Mirror

5. MaMaMiya Suite 12: Theme for Windows 7 SP1 32-bit And 64-bit

MaMaMiya Suite fully supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. So, if you have Windows 7 and want a really clean and professional shell, this is a must-try. Also includes an awesome orb, wallpapers and some really cool icons. Got to love this theme:

Newest most popular 2012 MaMaMiya Suite 12 Theme
Download most popular MaMaMiya Suite 12 | Mirror

6. Interesting Combination: Lion Black Visual Style for Windows 7 SP1

Bored of the typical Mac themes? This black Windows 7 theme makes your shell a little bit more interesting.

Newest most popular 2012 Lion Black VS For Win7 sp1 Theme
Download most popular 2012 Lion Black VS For Win7 sp1 | Mirror

We are on the lookout for more popular Windows 7 themes for 2012. Created any cool shell theme that you think should be on this list? Post a link below and we’ll consider adding it.

Published: Saturday, April 14th, 2012 Last Modified: April 14, 2012

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