List of Windows 7 patches – too small or too big?

If you need a list of Windows 7 patches, here’s an up to date list of all Windows 7 updates until April. Because this is a growing list and Microsoft is often releasing new patches (today for example is Microsoft’s monthly patchday), I recommend a small tool for getting this list online.

  • KB974332 Improves compatibility issues with old applications
  • KB974571 Fixes security vulnerabilities of Windows CryptoAPI
  • KB975467 Fixes security flaw that allowed hacker to crash a remote system
  • KB974431 Improves reliability
  • KB976098 Included bugfixed for daylight savings time
  • KB890830 A security update that will install the “malicious software removal tool”.
  • KB972270 Fixes security hole that gave hackers the chance to take over remote systems.
  • KB977074 Improves stability. Fixes issues with keyboard functions and screensaver settings.
  • KB978251 Fixes security issues in SMB client
  • KB971468 Security Update
  • KB978262 Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits
  • KB975560 Security Update
  • KB978251 Security Update
  • KB976662 Update
  • KB979306 Update
  • KB978637 Update
  • KB976264 Update
  • KB980302 Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List
  • KB980182 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8
  • KB979099 Update for Rights Management Services Client for Windows 7

To get this list, you simply need AutoPatcher. A Windows utility that allows you to download all Windows patches in one go. While you’re at it, it will list all of the currently installed Windows patches and all other Windows patches. Combined that’s the complete list of Windows 7 patches. Of course it also supports Windows Vista, XP and other Windows versions.

Check it out here: How to install Windows 7 updates manually.

Published: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2010

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