List Of Top 10 Pink Girly Windows 7 Themes With Soft Pastel Colors

Pink Windows 7 Themes If you’re looking for some pink themes to make your PC fit your clothing style or favorite colors, here are 10 incredibly beautiful pink themes with soft colors, roses and cute icons

If you intend to install any of the custom themes below, we HIGHLY recommend to work through our extensive guides first. This will require time. Beginners should at least expect that this will take approx 4 hours and you may end up breaking your PC – so before you start you should know how to recover a PC from scratch.

You should know the following (click blue links for guides)

1. ScreenShot Rose Pink

This is a Mac inspired rose theme with pink explorer bars and pink captions buttons as well. It also includes various cute icons and changes the overall look of your Windows 7 PC

ScreenShot Rose Pink
Download ScreenShot Rose Pink | Mirror

2. Barbie Damask Theme for Windows7

This theme is also using a rose/pink-colored custom color scheme that you may like:

Barbie Damask Theme for Windows7

Download Barbie Damask Theme for Windows7 | Mirror

3. Cremé Pink by Koi

A theme with very soft pastel colors and cute Anime characters


Cremé Pink by Koi
Download Cremé Pink by Koi | Mirror

4. Darwin Blue New theme’

This theme mixes blue and pink – very cool. Pink works very well if you use it sparingly – we also use it on our site to highlight site elements and it looks incredibly stylish

Darwin Blue New theme'
Download Darwin Blue New theme’ | Mirror

5. kaws seven Pink

Another custom Windows 7 theme with soft colors. If you like pastel colors, this custom visual style is worth a glance!

kaws seven Pink
Download kaws seven Pink | Mirror

6. Plinky (Windows Clean)

A clean theme if you like to customize your own themes


Plinky (Windows Clean)
Download Plinky (Windows Clean) | Mirror

7. ScreenSho’t BlackRandom

Windows 7 themes with a more bulky design and some cute icons

ScreenSho't BlackRandom
Download ScreenSho’t BlackRandom | Mirror

8. ScreenSho’t BloomSwagg

Simple theme called BloomSwagg


ScreenSho't BloomSwagg
Download ScreenSho’t BloomSwagg | Mirror

9. ScreenSho’t RainbowMax


ScreenSho't RainbowMax
Download ScreenSho’t RainbowMax | Mirror

10. Screenshot Dreamer

Screenshot Dreamer
Download Screenshot Dreamer | Mirror


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Published: Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 Last Modified: April 9, 2013

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