List Of 6 Clean Windows 7 Themes Including Lion X And Led Zeppelin Shell Themes

Clean Windows 7 Themes Lion X Led Zeppelin Shell
Looking for a list with some nice Windows 7 themes that you can install? Here are 6 clean shell themes including very clean visual styles featuring Lion X and Led Zeppelin.

Please make sure to read our extensive guides on how to install the shell themes on Windows 7 before you attempt to mess around with your system on your own – it could save you a lot of time and avoid possible data loss.

1. Led Zeppelin Shell Theme With Fonts, Start Orb, New Shell: Heavy Metal v1 + v2

Fan of Led Zeppelin? Here’s a cool shell theme including new fonts, a great Start orb, Led Zeppelin wallpapers and more. Awesome theme!

Summer and beaches Win7 Heavy Metal v1 + v2 Theme
Download Win7 Heavy Metal v1 + v2| Mirror

2. Lionx2.2

If you like the design of Lion OS X, here’s a cool theme featuring that shell.

Summer and beaches Lionx2.2 Theme
Download Lionx2.2 Mirror

3. Simple themes for small footprint: Simp7-theme

Summer is coming! Here’s a simple, clean and blue theme. If you don’t want to bloat your system with a fancy visual style, then give this clean theme a try.

Summer  and beaches Simp7-theme Theme
Download Simp7-theme| Mirror

4. Shell Theme With Blue, Transparent Color Scheme Inspired by Windows 8

A shell theme for Windows 7 inspired by the blue color scheme of Windows 8. This one is clean and beautiful to look at. Loving it!

Summer and beaches Beta Blue WIP Theme
Download Beta Blue WIP | Mirror

5. Glass Clear Theme – Visual Style v.2

A glass clear theme with some beautiful landscape wallpapers.

Summer and beaches Glass clear v.2 Theme
Download Glass clear v.2 | Mirror

6. Special Windows 7 Shell Theme: HoaBinh By cu88, tunv

Light-blue is a trending color. If you want a calm, but motivating color on your desktop, you’ll enjoy this theme.

Summer and beaches Vs HoaBinh By cu88, tunv Theme
Download Vs HoaBinh By cu88, tunv | Mirror

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Published: Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2012

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