Linux On Azure Cloud Available Via Microsoft and Red Heat Deal

One of the most requested versions of open sounce Linux that remains without a home on Azure is Red Hat’s version of the OX. It wasn’t included due to licensing and business deals, but on Wednesday, the two companies teamed up to launch Red Hat’s Linux on Azure.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, and this new alliance will give many Red Hat Linux users reasons to try Azure. It will be aimed at large companies looking for hybrid cloud computing, and mix up on premise computing and systems in the cloud.

Microsoft and Red Hat Team To Give Red Hat Linux On Azure Cloud

Azure and Linux

Microsoft has been embracing Linux on Azure for sometime, but many companies of larger scale use Red Hat’s enterprise version of Linux instead. This has left many enterprise users without a choice on Azure, and have had to choose other options.

Now, this deal means that the one in four customers who are running alternate versions of Linux can switch over to Red Hat. It will be available to Azure customers and they can install their own Red Hat virtual machines and run apps on it.

Microsoft Gets Red Hat Linux In Huge Team Deal

Huge For Red Hat and Azure

this deal is huge for Azure, Red Hat, and cloud computing. This means that large companies can migrate over to Azure today, install Red Hat, and start virtual machines within minutes. By being able to run JBross Web Server and OpenShift, users can run any apps they choose.

Azure is also giving users a strong support commitment, and both companies are aiming to support customers for sometime with the migration. These two companies work with a 90 percent overlap, and share many customers and enterprise committments as well.

Red Hat Linux on Azure is here. If you run a large enterprise, this has been the day you’ve been waiting for.

Published: Friday, November 6th, 2015 Last Modified: November 6, 2015

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