Lineage 2 Goddess of Destruction

If WoW is too easy for you, you should give Lineage 2 a try. L2 is getting a new update called Goddess of Destruction. That update will introduce a 4th class advancement and lots of new weapons and territories.

Lineage 2 Goddess of Destruction

…now that’s some nice artwork and the real town looks just as good. I’m always impressed by their work. The team behind Lineage 2 is still doing an awesome job.

After 7 years, Lineage 2 is still kicking and more alive than ever. After the recent US server merge, thousands of players fight against each other for glory, castles and bragging rights. It’s pretty crowded in Giran now, as you might know it from open beta or C1.

Goddess of Destruction Changes

According to some sources this will be one of the biggest updates of Lineage 2 ever! Here are some of the changes you can look forward to in the next Lineage 2 update:

  • 4th class advancement
  • 34 new hunting grounds
  • Updates to PvP, crafting and other game systems
  • Updated graphic engine
  • New town
  • R-Class Weapons (cannot be traded)
  • Level Cap will be LvL90
  • 60 New Raid Mobs
  • 400 New Weapons!!!

L2 Goddess of Destruction Trailers

Official Trailer With US subtitles:

The New Town

Gameplay Trailer

Published: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 Last Modified: December 7, 2010

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