Lineage 2 Freya Armors & Weapons

Lineage 2 has been around for a while, probably even longer than WoW, so it’s one of the oldest MMO that still receives fresh updates. After 7 years, Lineage 2 receives another update with lots of content, but this is only the beginning! According to the developers, there will be 4 major updates this year.

Lineage 2 Freya Armors & Weapons

Jae Hyuk Han (development team leader) about Freya:

Graphics alone are three times more than any other major updates.

So, my favorite MMO is getting some really decent new high-lvl armors and weapons. During the next updates, NCSoft will also introduce some major changes to raids. There will be a second raid-mode: “Ultimate Fight”, which is basically the raid on a more difficult level and hopefully with better rewards. They will also be adding a new instance and new hunting grounds for low-level characters (60-70).

According to Han, 64% of users are between level 60 to 70, so there is a great need for better hunting spots. Actually, I never experienced a lack of hunting grounds for those levels, but it’s probably a good idea to boost the experience for average players.

Lineage 2 Freya Armors

Lineage 2 Freya Weapons

Published: Sunday, February 21st, 2010 Last Modified: February 21, 2010

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