Lineage 2, DC Universe Online Go Free-To-Play (Download Themes)

Free-to-play is a very lucrative business model for game publishers. Now NCSoft, publisher of Guild Wars, gives it a try and makes Lineage 2 and DC Universe Online free-to-play games. What do you think about F2P?

lineage 2 dc universe free to play

What I like about F2P is that it can attract a lot new players to games, but it comes at a hefty price – it’s very likely that you will spend more money on items than you’d have paid for a subscription. Publishers like EA and NCSoft know that and can effectively maximize their profits. EA for example unveiled that some players spend up to 10,000 on game items to create the best virtual teams in FIFA.

The problem with F2P is that you can buy advantages that you’d normally not have. For gamers on a budget who want to stay on top this is bad news.

F2P has many flaws, but also advantages. We’ll observe the situation and see how it goes.

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Published: Saturday, November 5th, 2011 Last Modified: November 5, 2011

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