Lineage 2 – 21 Days Free Trial

NCSoft, developer of Aion and Lineage 2, currently have a special offer for new players. If you are new to Lineage 2, you can create a free trial account and try the game.

Lineage 2 Free Trial

Although Lineage 2 is already 6 years old, it’s still one the most popular MMO’s worldwide with a very large player base. If WoW is not a challenge for you, you might try L2 and you’ll know what hardcore grinding means. I have played the game for years and can guarantee you that it’s a lot of fun once you reach level 60+. Unfortunately for you, the majority of players is level 75+, but there’s a lot of lowbie PvP as well, so you won’t miss all of the fun.

You should only play this game if you can stand the grind. Lineage 2 has been developed for the Asian market and not the EU/US, so everything takes A LOT longer. Leveling in WoW is a piece of cake in comparison to L2. If you are looking for a challenge thou and you are a passionate teamplayer, then L2 is an awesome game.

14 Days Free Trial
Try Lineage 2 (no CC required)

Additional: 7 Days Trial
Once your 14-days are over and you still don’t know if you like the game, you can post a comment here and I will send you an invite for another 7-day trial.

Published: Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 Last Modified: February 10, 2010

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