Limitations: Microsoft Trains Employees On Differences Between Surface RT and Surface Pro

Windows Rt On Surface Thumb Microsoft is training its employees on the impending release of Surface RT, pre-orders for which are on a three-week waiting list for the $499 model.


Microsoft staff should know more about Surface RT when the device launches in seven days

Microsoft’s statement on the training came after an investigation into how much employees know on the product found little is known on why Surface RT is feature-limited.

Specifically, what employees know on the differences between Windows RT and Windows 8. Windows RT only supports apps from the Windows Store, meaning all non-Store apps are unavailable. Windows 8 Pro, allows both form of app installations e.g. regular and Store apps.

Windows Rt On Surface

When The Verge asked representatives about the differences between the two products, issues were not fully explained. To be fair one employees said x86 software isn’t supported, while others claimed the differences are negligible. This is despite Windows 8 releasing in eight days.

Microsoft said back during Windows 8’s release it would make the differences between the two operating systems clear. If consumers don’t know the difference, then expectations may be changed when using the operating system. Attempting to download non-Windows Store apps, and then finding it can’t happen, will be a harsh rebuttal.

Website More Precise: Pre-Order Page Clearly Explains Differences Despite Reports Claiming Otherwise

Granted most consumers won’t ask about Windows RT unless buying Surface. Heading to the product’s website does give a clear description of RT’s limitations, contrasting The Verge’s original statement in the report; users can’t download apps from the desktop, the frequently asked questions on Surface’s website reads.

Surfaces became available for pre-order and is seemingly popular, with the sans Touch Cover model now labeled with a three-week shipping date. Considering Microsoft is heavily featuring the cover in its advertisements, it may be a surprise the version is the highest-selling thus far. That said, buying the Touch Cover separately will costs users $120.

Windows 8 launches October 26 worldwide. Surface launches midnight on October 25, technically 26 alongside Windows 8, during a celebration event Microsoft is holding.

Published: Thursday, October 18th, 2012 Last Modified: October 18, 2012

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