LiFi And Microsoft’s HoloLens – A Revolution Is About Start And It’s Gonna Be Huge

Apple may be on its way to a trillion dollar market cap, but Microsoft is where the party is at in Silicon Valley right now. This is gonna be huge!

HoloLens Demo’d At BUILD 2015

While Apple is busy developing a watch, Microsoft is light-years ahead for once. I knew they had been working on something awesome, but this just blows my socks off.

How Did Microsoft Envision The Future in 2020 – 5 Years Ago?

Back in 2010 when Windows 7 took off they released a video how they envisioned the future in 2020:

It was apparent then that Microsoft was trying to bring touchable surfaces to the living room and offices around the globe, but obviously it’s a lot easier if you go for holographic surfaces. Holographic computing will revolutionize everything. If there’s one thing that will really affect how we work in 5 years then I would have to says it’s this technology.

The last time Microsoft introduced a revolutionary technology (a predecessor of mobile tablets) they failed to convince the market that this was a worthy investion, but this time around Microsoft holds all the cards whereas Apple tries to become the next Switzerland.

So, What’s Next – HoloLens 2.0 With Lifi

HoloLens will obviously still work via Wifi, but a promising new technology called Lifi is making big strides. What is LiFi? It’s basically a transmission of data via light. You better read the Wiki article on Lifi to understand how exactly it works (visible light communication using infra-red and near ultraviolet, rather than radio waves).

As soon as we can transmit data at light-speed we’ll be able to transmit a lot more data. A Lifi-powered internet will easily be capable or transmitting huge worlds with billions of polygons.

Holographs In A Holographic Universe?

Considering how close we’re getting to fully immersive worlds (surely won’t take another 20 years) it’s fun to ponder about the question whether we’re already living in a holographic world.

Quantum theory and the holographic principle are fully compatible and it would also explain a lot of common phenomena we cannot explain today.

Scientists are trying to zoom in on our universe to figure out whether we’re living in a 2D universe, maybe they’ll have some evidence to back it up soon.

It’s definitely fun to think about the consequences and how knowledge of this could affect us spiritually and if it would speed up our progress towards world peace.

Published: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 Last Modified: May 2, 2015

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