LG Touch 10 ET83 – Multi-Touch Monitor With Windows 8 Support

Ll_lg Touch 10 Et83 Windows 8 Thumb The newly launched LG Touch 10 ET83 monitor has a full 10-point multi-touch touchscreen that makes it particularly suitable for Windows 8.

LG Unveils Multitouch Monitor For Windows 8

Windows 8 has a long list of peripherals and accessories already available for it from various manufacturers. One of the latest of this lot is the LG Touch 10 ET83 — a 10 point multitouch monitor from LG designed especially for Windows 8 use. The company even mentions the fact that it is optimized for Windows 8 in the press release, making sure that the point gets across to everyone. Windows 8 is now barely a week old, having been launched on the 26th of last month.

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The Touch 10 ET83 is a 23-inch monitor with an IPS LCD display. The real twist lies in the touchscreen technology that allows you to use all 10 of your digits at the same time. This is something that used to be quite rare in displays even a few years back. But post the iPad it has started coming in to the mainstream quite a lot. LG’s belief is that the time is right for such peripherals. The consumers have been used to their iPhones and Androids and hence they will also welcome such functionality in their desktop monitor. So what could you possibly want to use all 10 of your fingers for when the maximum that current gestures use are 5?

LG has some suggestions that might fire up your reality TV numbed imagination. Example scenarios presented by the company includes “rotating multiple items simultaneously” and also using key “Windows 8 features, including the on-screen keyboard,” along with musical applications that use a lot of keys such as virtual synths, pianos, strings, etc. Of course, for that to be comfortable, the display has to change orientation to lie down flat, which comes Windows 8 displays already do.

Availability is currently restricted to Korea where it will be available some time this month. The rest of the world will follow soon, according to the official word.

Published: Friday, November 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: November 2, 2012

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