Let Metro Apps Run On The Desktop

One of the major issues with Windows 8, was the ability to have metro apps on their system. The idea of metro apps was introduced with Windows 8, but never was clearly thought out for users, and created confusion for Windows users. Windows 10 brings them a way to run them, but in the new desktop of Windows 10.

With Windows 8, metro apps only could run in the tiled interface, and users would have to switch from the desktop to the metro desktop to see these apps run. This created a separation of app worlds for users, and confusion for many. Allowing them to run on the desktop should hopefully ease this confusion.

Microsoft Lets Users Run Tiled Apps On Desktop In Windows 10

Metro Apps In Desktop

The move to allow metro apps to run on the desktop will be great for both consumers and for enterprise customers. This will no longer force users to go into the full-screen Metro interface, and allow users to run them on their major desktop. Mouse and keyboard users can now run metro apps easily one may think.

Metro apps for the most part have been isolated to the metro interface, and users have not downloaded a ton of them for these reasons. Enterprise users also never have had the ability to run metro apps, as this creates a major security threat for users. Now, this might allow enterprise customers to allow metro apps for their users with Windows 10.

Microsoft Shows Off Tiled Apps On Users Desktops With Initial Windows 10 Preview Release

Metro Apps Vs Desktop Apps

Within Windows 10, the apps exist as either tiled apps in the metro world, or desktop apps or programs. They can co-exist for users, and this co-existance will give users what they want. It helps them run the metro tiled apps of major programs like Skype and others, and run their traditional programs as well.

The idea of a merged desktop has been talked about since Windows 8, but never has come to a real existance until Windows 10 was announced. Tiled metro apps feature a lot of customization and are beautiful in nature, and now allowing users to run them on the desktop will make a lot more sense for users.

This type of app convergence makes sense on Windows 10. Making users happy should be the primary goal, and this helps them a lot.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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