Let Film Database Organize Your Movies On Windows 10

If you accumulate the number of movies that I do, you know that knowing which ones you have are important. There have been a number of apps to tally up your totals, but Windows 10 has lacked some of them. Now, Film Database is a new Windows 10 app aimed to ease that confusion.

Film database is a newer Windows 10 app, and its based by the app developer PatchWord3d Entertainment. It’s a free Windows 10 app and works across all Windows 10 devices. You can download it and attempt to organize all of the movies laying around your home or media room.

Organize Movies & Films With Film Database On Windows 10

How To Start

With this app, a user just needs to register an account, confirm it, and start using the app. You can create individual ones or a family account. The system then uses the bar code on the case of the Blu-Ray or DVD, and that is them read into the system for cataloging the media. This makes it a lot easier to organize your items.

Once the bar code is scanned into the app, the system searches for names, descriptions, age rating, categories, ratings, and inserts that information into that bar code scan. You can then save the entry, it gives a unique number to the item, and then you can move onto the next item. It works pretty easily, as I tried it out on a few movies of my own.

Keep Your Movie Titles In Order With Film Database App

Mobile Focused & Time Saving

The app works across all Windows 10 desktops and tablets, but works really well on Windows 10 mobile devices. This makes it a perfect app to load on your Windows 10 phone when shopping for movies. It can see if you or your family already owns it, and then you won’t have two copies of the movie around the home. I’m sure many of us have done that, and that gets tired quickly.

The app itself is a lightweight Windows 10 app, and it organizes and gives you suggestions of movies in your collections. The various search filters and catalog items built into the app make it an interesting download. There are a number of these similar type apps on the market, but Film database is a newer alternative worth a download.

If you own a lot of movies and want to organize them, try Film database on your Windows 10 machine or mobile device. It’s a free download and available on the Windows Store now.


Published: Sunday, June 11th, 2017 Last Modified: June 11, 2017

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