Let Backroads Manage Your Next Windows 10 Excursion

When you are mapping out your next adventure, there are often lots of spots you might want to remember to visit. You might have GPS coordinates or special spots you love. With that Backroads is your new app.

Backroads is made by Backroads Software, and its a free Windows 10 app. It gives those who are looking to map their next travel adventures with precision, an interesting new app to discover.

Plan Your Next Trip With Amazing Detail & Precision

App Features

With Backroads, you get more than the usual trip planner and trip companion app. You are able to store various GPS coordinates, import GPX or KML files, and store day by day plans for your next adventure.

Backroads was developed as the app states, by obsessive trip planners, and their detail shows with the app. It lets you import your positions with precise detail and let you plan your next trip.

Use Backroads To Add New Activities To Your Next Trip

Advanced Features & Fixes

Backroads has a number of standard features, and others that include a road trip planner, weather forecast tool, GPS Tracker, GPX track viewer, KML track viewers, and much more for users.

The app itself has gotten a number of updates from its developers and is listening to the community very carefully. In its short time, it has gotten a number of improvements, making it a great new app to discover.

If you love planning your trips, take a look at Backroads. It’s free and quite a planning app to discover.


Published: Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 Last Modified: December 20, 2017

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