Lenovo: Surface Shows Microsoft’s Confidence In Windows 8

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Lenovo praised Microsoft at IFA 2012 in Berlin last week, calling out the company’s confidence in releasing its own device for Windows. The reaction to Surface has been mixed thus far, with partners claiming Windows 8 may be abandoned if Microsoft doesn’t relinquish its commitment to Surface.

Apparently not all of Microsoft’s partners dislike its Surface devices

Lenovo Thinkpad Running New Windows Rt

Microsoft unveiled Surface to the world in June and received a warm critical reception afterwards. Unfortunately the unanimity wasn’t reflected by Microsoft’s partners: Asus said it may have to look at different platforms if Surface wasn’t pulled.

That train of thought wasn’t reflected by Lenovo, however. Speaking at Berlin’s IFA conference last week, head of Lenovo Europe, Middle East, and Africa Gianfranco Lanci said the device is proof of Microsoft having confidence in its operating system. He said Lenovo isn’t negative about the move.

It’s a bit of a coincidence how the original equipment manufacturers have jumped on Microsoft after Surface’s unveiling, and Microsoft becoming a rival. Regardless of device quality, companies were happy to see Microsoft building software.

Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi also corroborated Microsoft’s message to partners: better hardware. Microsoft, with Surface, built an ultra thin yet functional device that looks to work equally well with touch and mouse and keyboard. It’s a refreshing take on the tablet form factor and the gross amount of black slabs we’ve seen from companies like Lenovo.

Microsoft Is Not Competition: It’s The Benchmark

Milanesi also spoke to The INQUIRER and said it shouldn’t hinder competition, referring to Microsoft’s limited rollout of the product. Microsoft is making Surface available via Microsoft Stores, it confirmed at the product’s unveiling. For a product Microsoft is billing as the benchmarks for OEMs, the limited rollout is a slight disappointment. There seems to be a good deal of demand to buy the products.

Microsoft will launched Surface in two versions: the Windows RT version, running the feature-limited version of the operating system focused more on tablets. The second is Surface running Windows Pro, likely to be the most popular version of Windows for consumers. We don’t know the price of Surface; however, rumors have suggested it may be between $199 and over $1000. Somewhere in the middle then.

Windows 8 launches October 26. Surface launches alongside the general availability of Windows 8.

Published: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 Last Modified: September 4, 2012

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