Lenovo Build Two IdeaPad Yoga Tablets For Windows 8 Reports Suggests

lenovo yoga ideapad

Recent reports are suggesting Lenovo is to launch two Windows 8 tablets in the IdeaPad Yoga range, and one will be built for Windows RT/ARM and could launch alongside Windows 8. However, the price could be in quadruple figures.

Like the idea of a tablet-laptop hybrid? Pay attention, because Lenovo could be building two!

Windows 8 launches October 26, and it’s going to be interesting what kind of hardware accompanies the operating system at launch. A company apparently building two devices to launch with the next-generation version of Windows is Lenova, with the products fitting into the ThinkPad Yoga range of tablet-laptop hybrids.

One device already debuted at Consumer Electronics Show this year, with a 10.1-inch screen and Intel Core i5 chip with the Windows 8 Pro version installed. Due to the hybrid form factor, there’s a foldable keyboard when not using the device as a laptop. Slashgear reported the device could be quite expensive costing £1,199. Thought it’s two devices combined, I’m not sure how I feel about paying quadruple figures.

Rumors suggest Lenovo is building a second device, aimed at Windows RT – the feature limited version of Windows 8. It will use a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor apparently.

The device will have double the battery life of the Windows 8 Pro YogaPad to accommodate the quad core processor, according to ABC News, so I expect very good performance in return. Slashgear also reported Lenovo said Wednesday last week is it working on a Windows RT version of its devices. The device will launch simultaneously with the Windows Pro version of the YogaPad.

We’ve seen conflicting stories on how companies will approach Windows 8 development. HP isn’t developing for Windows RT because of conflicting consumer interest, while Asus urged Microsoft to reconsidering release Surface. Or else it might be forced to look for other partners. Somewhere.

Published: Monday, August 13th, 2012 Last Modified: August 13, 2012

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