LEGO’s Get Educatonal With WeDo Windows 10 App

LEGO’s are far more than just a toy, and they have proven to be great educational tools for students and teachers. They have moved into the the tech world as well, and a new LEGO Educational WeDo app has been launched for educators.

The LEGO Educational WeDo App is meant for teachers and educators, and is guided to help them come up with science projects for their students. It can be used by anyone though, and it shows LEGO’s taking on education in a Windows 10 app.

LEGO Launches WeDo App For Educators On Windows 10

The Why’s?

With the LEGO WeDo app on Windows 10, a number of Why’s come up with the app. It engages pupils with science, it boosts confidence, and lets them come up with experimentations and problem solving skills, all which will be used in their lives.

Additionally, the app lets students and pupils explore, create, and share projects with their school, class, and online. Lastly, it excites interest in science, and can lead to interests with engineering, technology, and programming.

Educators Can Embrace LEGO WeDo App On Windows 10

The App

With the WeDo LEGO app, it includes 17 different projects, and gives teachers and pupils over 40 hours of material. It includes a design library with inspiring materials, and lastly a documentation tool to help teachers along.

The app itself is a totally different take on the LEGO process, and is much different than the games that the children generally play. This is meant to inspire their minds, get them interested in creativity, and all within the classroom.

If you know a teacher, get them this app. It’s fun, LEGO’s, and creative for children of all ages.

Published: Monday, September 26th, 2016 Last Modified: September 26, 2016

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