Complete Left 4 Dead Windows 7 Theme (2014 Update With Icons, Start Button)

Windows 7 Left 4 Dead Theme Like Valve’s horror shooter: Left 4 Dead 2? Then you might like this Left 4 Dead desktop theme for Windows 7!

Valve didn’t reveal any details about a possible Left 4 Dead 3, but considering the huge success of the game it’s almost guaranteed. It’s likely that it will come within the next 2 years

Left 4 Dead Wallpaper

More than 40 background images of L4D2:

Left 4 Dead Icons

Some of the icons of the theme:

Left 4 Dead Desktop Icons

L4D Start Orb

Windows 7 3rd-party themes usually include Start button – this is a themepack but with a single explore.exe file. If you know how to replace it properly, you can do that, alternatively we included the bitmap files so you can change it using a tool called Start Button Changer
Do not simply copy the explorer.exe into your Windows folder or you might break your computer and have to restore it using the command prompt

L4D Start Orb

Download Left 4 Dead Theme

Below is the entire package as a ZIP file, which is a native Windows file:

Windows 7 Left 4 Dead Theme

Download This Complete Theme (FREE!)

Published: Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 Last Modified: March 30, 2014

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