Left 4 Dead Google Chrome Theme (Zombie Version)

A Left 4 Dead theme for Chrome with a pretty awesome PoV:
Left 4 Dead 2 Chrome Theme

Left 4 Dead 2 Chrome Theme #1 Preview

Left 4 Dead 2 Chrome Theme
FREE Download: Download Left 4 Dead 2 Chrome Theme

This dark Aero Chrome theme can be used on screens with a resolution of up to. We will be adding a little thing to make it work on even higher resolutions. Should you you be using a higher resolution, please check back shortly for an update!

I’m wondering if Valve is working on Left 4 Dead 3. Valve is pretty quiet about their plans, aside from Portal 2 we don’t know what other games they are working on.

Left 4 Dead 3

How To Install The Left 4 Dead Chrome Theme?

Download the L4D theme, confirm the download message and it will self-install. No more work is required to install the theme. Keep in mind this theme works only on Google Chrome 8, 9 and possibly newer version. Older version might or might NOT be supported.

If you still have problems installing Google Chrome themes, you may refer to our tutorial How to install Google Chrome themes

Published: Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 Last Modified: June 4, 2013

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