Learn Photoshop Online & Create Windows 7 Themes

Are you a creative person? Well, considering that you are on this site, the chances are pretty high that you are always looking for ways to customize things. Would you like to learn Photoshop online and create some Windows 7 themes yourself?

Learn Photoshop Online

There are many tutorials for beginners out there. I personally think it’s a great way to learn Photoshop by simply doing things. Photoshop has so many features that not even experts know all of them, but that’s so great about Photoshop, you can get the job done without knowing 100%. Many graphics can be created in various ways. Clouds for example could be generated with some filters and some tweaks here and there or you could simply get a large brush and draw them yourself, it’s pretty much up to you and what you like more.

Learn Photoshop, Master Adobe

Photoshop can also be used to create interface designs. There are some other tools created by Adobe (e.g. Fireworks) that are optimized for it, but for a beginner I would always recommend Photoshop first, because that’s by far the easiest way to get used to the Adobe products. Another great advantage of Photoshop and Adobe in general is that all Adobe products are very similar. Once you know Photoshop, all of the other graphic tools like Indesign or Illustrator will look familiar to you and you will find it easier to explore their purpose and features.

If you want to learn photoshop online to create some cool Windows 7 themes, I have some great news for you. At scribd you will find a free eBook that will teach you the basics of Photoshop.
Learning photoshop seems to be easier for many through eBooks rather than video tutorials, although I would also recommend to watch some video tutorials.

Download Free Photoshop eBook

Learn Photoshop for free
Another great guide to learn Photoshop:

Worth 1000 Photoshop Tricks @ Scribd

Published: Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 Last Modified: January 12, 2010

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