Leaker Claims Halo 4 is Call of Duty in Space, As Laughable as That Sounds

Halo 4 Instant Respawn

Says weapons are unbalanced, though cites early build. Halo 4, more of a Call of Duty shooter than ever before?

Halo 4 is shown off to the world in just over two hours, and an interview details plenty of the apparent changes

Halo 4 is hotly anticipated, partly because the game is a return to the story of Master Chief and partly because the game is shaking up for the formula since the series debuted in 2001. An interview with a person who posted the leaked footage of an internal beta test claims the game is heavily unbalanced, though does say the build was dated around November.

Microsoft did previously confirm a beta test is ongoing, though said the practice is normal and has no plans to introduce a public beta. 343 Industries has said it is running internal multiplayer testing, having previously said the structure of the campaign is done. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing the latter today.

On the DMR – which is effectively a five-shot, slower-paced version of the Battle Rifle – one or two headshots were claimed to kill people. That’s without weakening enemies through a body shot, meaning players would effectively be able to spawn with a power weapon. That may have been true in the build, but I doubt something so overpowered would remain in the game. If no one has spotted that in playtests, I’ll be amazed.

Cosmetic Customization Enhanced, Unbalanced Weapons

Cosmetic changes were also confirmed to be the same as Halo: Reach, that is there is armor for each available section of the Spartan. Pre-order armor skins have shown skins with patterns layered on top, so it looks to be more diverse than Reach which was a more polished version than Halo 3 in my view.

The interview also revealed that weapons such as the Needler and Assault Rifle are more powerful. On the former, the interviewee said it’s much more powerful than the version in Halo: Reach – which was the most powerful yet, in my view, sans duel wielding – while the Assault Rifle was comparable to the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary version. In other words, basically the same version as Halo: CE since the engine is the same with a graphics update. Honestly, if this is true then it sounds like the most unbalanced Halo yet.

Published: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 Last Modified: June 5, 2012

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