Leaked Windows 8 RTM Screenshots Show RTM Wallpapers, Color Schemes, Great For Theme Customization

Windows 8 Rtms

Despite Release to Manufacturing (RTM) probably happening next month, Microsoft is still making minor changes. Some of those have been revealed via Winunleaked – the website has a history of showing internal builds of Windows 8 – with new color options captured, notably.

Leaked Screenshots By Winunleaked.info

New Color schemes allow you to customize your Windows 8 themes
New Windows 8 Color Schemes.png

New Wallpapers are included in Windows 8 RTM:
Windows 8 Rtm Wallpapers

IE10 Gets New Color Schemes:
Internet Explorer 10 Color Scheme.png

Ready for Windows 8? Even if you are, here’s some leaked information to tide you over until October 26

People following the development of Windows 8 will probably have seen the name Winunleaked appearing consistently, leaking screenshots from internal builds of Windows 8 (not advised). The latest, and perhaps one of the final, screenshots shows some of the final changes Microsoft is making. Cosmetic, the changes are nevertheless interesting.

User vNext on the Winunleaked forums said final preparations are being made for the launch of Windows 8, including bug fixes, new themes, wallpapers, backgrounds to the lock screen, and more.

Removed from the latest build is the ability to independently color the taskbar and windows; instead, one color covers both elements. The design of the square when selecting a color has also been redesigned, so it looks like a square. There are options to change the color intensity, hue, saturation, brightness.

The tabs on the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 have been redesigned: there’s the address bar, and two tabs to its right, like in Internet Explorer 9. The difference is the non-Aero glass design; instead, it’s more flat. It also reflects the color scheme users choose, coloring the address bar and the background of the window. Personally, I think the new Metro-esque design looks better.

New Themes, More Stable OS

New themes are included: the default Windows theme, Earth, and Flower themes. Self explanatory, aren’t they? And therefore are wallpapers under the three categories, with 13 in total. Six new backgrounds are available for the lockscreen. The bootscreen is simply the new Windows 8 logo.

Winunleaked said Windows 8 is more stable and fast than Windows 7 in every way. We won’t know if that’s true until the OS lands October 26, but we’ve seen the boot time. And it’s very fast, as programs are loaded while booting. Windows 7 loads most programs after booting

The change are for the RTM version, but this will be almost (if not) identical to Windows Pro/enterprise.

Source: http://winunleaked.info/

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Published: Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 Last Modified: July 24, 2012

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