Leaked Video Reveals Xbox One Dashboard

An original beta video had to be removed from YouTube but not before it quickly circulated various other websites and revealed a glimpse at the new Xbox One layout.

YouTube User Leak Xbox One Dashboard

The video was originally uploaded by YouTube user Jackson Carter in which he claims to be showing of what the new dashboard layout for the Xbox One will look like.

In the video we also get a first-hand look at a leaked beta version of Xbox One launch title – Ryse Son of Rome.


The video is choppy with low resolution but it crucially gives a first glance of what and how we can expect the Xbox One dashboard to be implemented.

Xbox One Dashboard Follows Windows 8 Tile system

One of the most impressive aspects of the Dashboard system was its seamless transition between gameplay and all the other features the console stocks.

We see the game – Ryse – being started, played and then paused before the user navigates back and forth between the dashboards before resuming the game. The ease of multitasking between applications is sure to go down well with gamers.


The YouTube user added:” The actual dashboard looks a lot different, there are pins, live TV and all that random stuff but it’s all pretty much together.”

Updated Smartglass System for Xbox One

Meanwhile Microsoft has also been pushing the benefits and enhancements they have made to their Smartglass system.

Xbox Live General Manager Ron Pessner has outlined how the system has evolved with the Xbox One console.

“SmartGlass is maturing with the evolution of Xbox 360 to Xbox One,” Pessner said. “Xbox One was designed from the ground up with SmartGlass in mind, and an immediately noticeable difference with Xbox One SmartGlass compared to Xbox 360 SmartGlass is the connection speed and performance.”


This added performance included the capability to add up four times as many devices to the new console.

Published: Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 Last Modified: September 11, 2013

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