Leaked: Star Wars Battlefront III Alpha Footage Online, Shows Working Game (Part Two)

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Leaked Alpha

Yesterday we reported that a leaked video of the Star Wars Battlefront 3 appeared, but wait there’s more!

If you missed the first part, watch leaked video of Star Wars Battlefront 3 Alpha

Reminiscing over Star Wars Battlefront? Want the third entry in the franchise? Here it is … in Alpha form

Continuing on from our look at the footage of a leaked Alpha build of Star Wars Battlefront III, which went over the various game mode that return and are introduced, today we’ll go through more of footage. The YouTube user who uploaded the video – Borman18 – says more footage is coming soon.

The footage shows being able to pick the two sides, Rebel or Empire, and spawn points depending on what each side has captured (such as the Base) indicated by a red or blue icon. Players can select classes from a Rebel Soldier, Rebel Vanguard (rockets), Rebel Sniper, Rebel Pilot and a Wookie General. The character models in the video certainly look at Alpha Stage, barely looking finished.

While the video runs at a low 7 FPS, we do get to see plenty of footage. For one, the engine seems to a new version for HD consoles with basic textures on the ground and clothing of characters looking a higher resolution. Considering this is an Alpha build, it would undoubtedly look a lot better if released.

There also appears to be an over-the-shoulder view when zooming in to fire, though presumably players could fire from the hip at the cost of accuracy. Apart from that, shooting seems to be the same as in other titles with weapon sounds seeming a higher quality.

Hero characters

The footage shows off characters from the films who can be played, assuming requirements are met. In the footage, the player selects Luke Skywalker. Combat seems to be pretty basic though – only one animation runs when swinging the lightsaber, and lasers aren’t blocked. These characters seem to only last for a minimum period of time, too: a bar in the left-hand corner gradually decreases. If hit, it suddenly drops.

The player shows off a Wing Fighter, which seems to control well with take off and movement looking simple. What’s impressive is players can fly pretty high into the atmosphere, almost going into space, and players are able to fly down to ground level.

Expect part three of this information blowout to come soon.

Published: Thursday, April 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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