Leaked Roadmap: Two Asus Windows 8 Tablets To Be Released In Late 2012

Asus is going to release 2 Windows 8 tablets late next year according to a leaked roadmap.

Asus Windows 8 Tablets

Two Windows 8 Tablets To Come From Asus In Q3 2012

An alleged product roadmap leaked this week shows Asus’ plans to bring out 2 Windows 8 tablets late next year in the third quarter. This will follow in their currently existing line of tablets called EeePad and succeed the Intel-based 12.1” Windows 7 that is available from various retailers right now.

The roadmap leaked here talks of Asus’ strategy for the EeePad. One section shows their plans for the Android part of the line and the other talks of the Windows part. In the windows part, there are 2 ‘hero products’ in Q3 2012. And the other two points focus on gaining favorable market positions to sell these Windows 8 tablets.

Although in the public eye their Android efforts are more visible that their Windows efforts in the tablet business, Windows 8 going to change that. It is obvious that Windows 7’s touch experience is nowhere near what Android can provide. But that is only because Android was designed to touch based and Windows 7 had touch more as an important feature.

Why Windows 8 Will Work Better Than Current Windows Tablets From Asus

Just like Android did for smartphones by providing an alternative platform that could compete with the iPhone, Windows 8 should be able to provide manufacturers with the right platform to take down iPad’s dominance of the market right now. Even though Google is trying to ensure that Android is the choice for tablets, it so far has not been able to offer a very compelling user experience. Windows 8 on the other hand has already made an impression for being eminently touch-oriented. And in a way that is suitable for tablets.

Asus’ tablets should be coming out in tandem with a lot of other Windows 8 tablets from other major companies like HP and Toshiba. Even Google would be pushing Android harder. 2012 so far is shaping up to be a big year for tablets.

Published: Monday, October 31st, 2011 Last Modified: October 31, 2011

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