League of Legends Windows 7 Theme For All LoL Champions 2015

League of Legends is one of the most innovative MMO’s out there, it clearly deserves a real Windows 7 theme with new icons, wallpapers and a Start orb!

DotA 2 vs League of Legends
Valve’s Dota 2 is very similar to the original Defense of the Ancients. When comparing Dota 2 and League of Legends there are many similarities, but as of right now LoL is still more popular and possibly the better game? We found a useful article regarding this comparison here

Trivia: Some dedicated DotA fans founded Riot Games to develop League of Legends because they were so convinced of the original DotA gameplay. Looks like they were right!

League of Legends Wallpaper

The Windows 7 theme not only includes dual-monitor wallpapers, but also many HD wallpapers that you will find nowhere else:

Exclusive League of Legends Dual Monitor Wallpaper

These dual monitor wallpapers are best used in conjunction with DisplayFusion or a similar tool for the best results when stretching the image over two or multiple monitors



League of Legends Dual Monitor Wallpaper

League of Legends Dual Monitor Wallpaper

League of Legends Dual Monitor Wallpaper

League of Legends Windows 7 Desktop Icons

Plenty of great league-of-legends/hockey icons will be installed on your Windows 7 desktop. Here’s a preview:

League of Legends Desktop Icons

Also included in the Windows 7 theme are 188 .ico files that you can use on your desktop.

League of Legends Icons

Exclusive League of Legends Windows 7 Start Orb

Every real League of Legends fan needs this start button! Hot!

League of Legends Start Button

Download Windows 7 League of Legends Theme

Windows 8 users: Did you know, all Windows 7 themes also work on Windows 8 and 8.1, but not the other way around, so you can download this and use it on Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 8

The theme includes everything you see above, backgrounds, Start orb, desktop icons, ico files.

Windows 7  League of Legends Theme

Download Windows 7 League of Legends Theme

Ideas and suggestions for this Windows 7 theme are welcome.

With the recent Twitch acquisitions, LoL streams could be taken to a whole new level. I expect that tournament prizes will really skyrocket this year and LoL might get a few million more players despite Blizzards addicting Hearthstone card game.

Published: Friday, February 6th, 2015 Last Modified: February 6, 2015

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