Law Enforcement Requests Detailed By Microsoft

The demand for the public’s knowledge of large companies law enforcement requests have become a latest trend due to the NSA and other security concerns. On Thursday, Microsoft detailed and released their 2013 Law Enforcement Requests Report which shows what they released to authorities.

The report, as detailed from John Frank, Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, Legal & Corporate Affairs, is a full breakdown of all the law enforcement requests that Microsoft has received. It gives all public requests, but no US National security law requests.

Microsoft Releases Law Enforcement Agency Requests Report For 2013

35,083 Requests In 2013

In 2013, Microsoft had a total of 35,083 requests from law enforcement agencies, than potentially impacted over 58,000 accounts. The sheer number of requests makes it a non-trivial matter, as approximately 100 requests are being made daily to Microsoft for customers data and information.

Of those requests, 76 percent of the requests resulted in disclosure of non-content data that was released by Microsoft. Of that, 21 percent of the request disclosed no data at all, which is a nice figure. This still shows that law enforcement agencies are coming to Microsoft for data whether its for crime, civil, or other matters.

Microsoft Shares Over 35,000 Requests To Law Enforcement Agencies According To Report

Other Important Data

The report also disclosed that only 2.32 percent of the data resulted in disclosure of customer content data, and of that, 80 percent were from US law enforcement agencies. It was on track for what the company did in 2012, according to the numbers. This shows that the demands are continuing and ongoing from law enforcement agencies.

The global affect of these requests though is growing to Turkey, Germany, France, and the UK. Only .01 percent of the requests affected any type of service, and only three legal orders had to do with commercial services. This shows that the public information is still the key target by law enforcement agencies, and commercial data is still safe for now. Microsoft detailed all of this in full disclosure, and is a bright spot for tech companies looking for full data release to customers and the public.

This type of report is important for Microsoft. It allows them to show the public, that data is safe, but law enforcement agencies are still looking for data.

Published: Sunday, March 9th, 2014 Last Modified: March 9, 2014

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