Launch Docs In New Office 365 Home Page

The Office 365 product from Microsoft has become incredibly useful for individuals, small businesses, students, and large corporations. Microsoft has been retuning the Office 365 home page for sometime, and it finally came out with a great revision, that allows users to launch docs and start right away.

The ability to launch Office 365 docs from the Office 365 Home Page will make Office 365 users very excited. A users can just sign into the Office 365 portal, click the logo, and then access their documents that they’ve been working on.

Microsoft Debuts New Office 365 Home Page To Users

Why The Change?

Microsoft in its testing saw that users were taking extra steps to get to their documents, and listened to users demands for a quicker way to their docs. The new home page allows userst to now access all the services available to them, either via their Office 365 personal, student, or enterprise level plan.

The new Office 365 home page is a brand new look, and it displays all the Office 365 online services. This quick view will allow users to access their documents within seconds, and will make using Office 365 that much easier. It will cut down on the number of steps to navigate through Office 365, and makes users happy to see the updates made to Office 365.

Microsoft Gives Users Easier Ways To Access Docs With Home Page Redo

New Office 365 Services Coming

In its blog post, Microsoft stated that this new start page will be the hub for additional services. Office 365 serices will be added, and new services like Delve and Yammer will be added to this home start page in the future. These new tools and services will roll out slowly, but be available from the start page soon.

Users can go away from the start page and choose another one, and Microsoft described this in their blog post. Through the gear icon and Office 365 settings, users can choose to choose any start page they desire. Microsoft talked in its post about Delve and Yammer a lot, and is sure to include these services soon. It looks like the new Office 365 Home and Start Page are going to be busy in the future and be a hit with customers.

I like the new start screen. I use it for personal and business, and Office 365 continues to grow big.

Published: Sunday, September 21st, 2014 Last Modified: September 22, 2014

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