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Sony’s CFO officially confirmed that they are hard at work and might release a PS4 within the next years. Latest PS4 rumors and news after the break.

Playstation 4 Rumors

PS4 officially in development at Sony

While the word on the street and in online communities has pretty much reassured Sony PlayStation fans that an upgrade was indeed in the works, during a press conference this past Wednesday Sony’s chief financial officer and executive vice president, Masaru Kato, officially announced that the company is hard at work on the PlayStation 4. The news was quite interesting as it was obviously timed to one-up Nintendo who announced that their new gaming console is going to be on show at E3 in June.

Kato explains delay in upgrade

According to Kato, the delay in announcing the PlayStation 4 was due to extended time and costs that were associated with development and research as the PS3 still has a long shelf life ahead of it as a piece of home equipment making it unlikely that there will be a large rush on the PlayStation 4. However, he added that this may change once people see the development they have been working on in terms of the new platform that will make it stand on its own two legs as a must have item.

Change of heart for Kato

While the news that it is still going to be some time before we see a PlayStation 4 may be disheartening to hardcore gamers, this is still good news given the fact that last year the boss of Sony Entertainment (Kaz Hirai) announced in March that the company was not even looking at creating an upgrade for the PlayStation gaming console. In reality, given the fact that the PlayStation 3 is roughly expected to have a life expectancy of about ten years, it is almost magical that they are even pondering a next generation development since this would put a new console on track for 2016.

Competition drives Sony forward

Part of the reason for the sudden change of heart may come from the fact that Microsoft is working on a new Xbox console tentatively titled the 720 and Nintendo has already promised to create a new gaming console that will far outclass what the PlayStation 3 has to offer. Global games development team member Shuhei Yoshida of Sony stated that in his opinion it is to Sony’s benefit to keep a close eye on the technology of their competitors so that the company continues to offers something unique to gamers.

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Published: Monday, June 20th, 2011 Last Modified: June 20, 2011

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