Latest News: Halo 4 Assault Carbine, Co-Op Mode Spartan Ops

New Halo Game 2012_Thumb Read on for more news about the upcoming Halo 4, the new Assault Carbine weapon and the co-op mode Spartan ops.

Ready to continue the Halo saga? Prepared to skip Election Day? Well, you’ll have to to play Halo 4 (Part 3)

In our third and final look at the news 343 Industries revealed on their podcast – the Sparkast – about Halo 4, we roundup the more clarifications the team made.

One of the final pieces of information revealed was the Assault Carbine, which is a new weapon Halo 4, that has been renamed. We don’t know what the weapon is, but the members of the podcast said that the gun sounds “terrifying.” All of audio for the weapons in Halo 4 has been reworked, so this won’t be the only gun that sounds loud and more realistic than past Halo titles. The weapons are also described as a “finisher,” rather than a “depleter” like a weapon such as the Plasma Rifle.

A piece of cover art on the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine also revealed what could be the weapon, which looked like a miniature UNSC ship. David Ellis commented on the weapon over at NeoGAF once again, and offered a hint by describing it as “AWEsome.” The “AWE” hint could be an acronym, but equally could mean something like shock and awe. The latter would mean the weapon is very powerful, but likely very limited, suggesting it’s a new power weapon.

Coop-Mode Spartan Ops

343 also talked about Spartan Ops, which is a new co-op (and single player) modes that bridges the gap between campaign and multiplayer.

Players can seem to take their characters from multiplayer into Spartan Ops, like characters. The aim of Spartan Ops is to build a character you feel attached to, so whether different voices can be selected so your Spartan talks in Ops has been unconfirmed. What I didn’t like about Halo: Reach is that Noble Six was fairly quiet, despite representing the player.

The mode will also require planning and beng strategic. A criticism of Firefight has been players don’t explore all the maps, despite weapon and vehicles being available. It sounds like Sparton Ops will encourage players to explore areas by creating new objectives – like Invasion having objectives in different areas of the map.

Published: Saturday, April 21st, 2012 Last Modified: March 28, 2015

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