Latest May XBOX 720 rumors

If you’re wondering if there is any truth to the latest XBOX 720 rumors.. yes there is!
XBOX 720 Rumors

Is the xBox 720 even in development? Yes!

Those searching for rumors about the xBox 720 wonder if the device is even in development, but the good news is that there is confirmation that the xBox 720 really is on its way with Microsoft working hard on the project. EHad of Interactive Development for Microsoft, Peter Moore, stated that the production team is working on the project and thinking about what type of CPUs are going to be open to them over the course of this year to make use of.

Any news on a possible release date?

Given the fact that Moore stated that they are looking at CPUs from 2011-2012 it seems like a safe bet to say that the device will be on the market by the close of 2012 otherwise their search would extend over a longer course of time. It’s been about 6-7 years since the original xBox 360 hit the market so in the gaming world and that will be a two year stretch from the Kinect making a nice buying audience that is ready for a new gaming console from Microsoft and hopefully beating competitors to new hardware that Microsoft has been known for creating.

More family friends games for xBox 720?

The moment seems to be in the family market anymore with role players tending to purchase their games used which cuts out the profit for Microsoft. Families on the other hand will buy new games as presents and the sole of family activities and with so much buzz about the motion sensing controller and the Kinect it is likely that a great deal of casual games made for the family will be coming out. However, the root of the Xbox gaming audience historically is hardcore gaming, and it is unlikely that they will leave this group aside.

Blu-Ray for xBox 720

Many wonder why there is not already a Blu-ray player in the xBox 360, but the safe move was simply not to include it since Microsoft was not yet sure if the format would take over the market. However, it seems like a safe bet now that Blu-Ray is starting to take off and due to the fact that Sony has already made the move. Add to the fact that next generation games will not fit on a GB disc, and it’s highly likely that Blu-Ray will be in the updated model.

Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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