Latest Disqus App Improves For Users On Windows 10

If you are the type of person who likes to comment across websites and social networks, you have probably heard of Disqus. A number of websites run its commenting system, and now its Windows 10 app has gotten better with a number of improvements.

Disqus is already a major player in the social networking/commentary business across the web, and a standalone app makes Windows 10 a hub of all their online comments. Users can use it follow all their comments and now much more.

Disqus App Gets Improvements On Windows 10

Improvements To Disqus App

With Disqus clearly states that their app is still in a Beta status, the seven recent updates make it almost ready for release. Users can login to the app using either their Facebook or Twitter accounts, making it easier to use.

Users will see AdDuplex app promotions in feeds, and that helps pay for the free app, but can lead to positive ads as well. Disqus has fixed issues where mentions were inserted in wrong places, discussion fixes, and other small bug fixes.

Disqus Comments Power The Web & Improves On App

Disqus Vs Facebook

With many users across the web like to leave comments, and websites generally enjoy the comments, the Disqus app goes against the larger Facebook ecosystem which a lot of sites use as well. This though, isolates just comments you leave & more.

Whether or not the Disqus app gets a final release is still up to the fine folks at Disqus, it looks ready to go. The Disqus profile when its tied to users Facebook or Twitter accounts, makes it easier to manage and control comments on the web.

Disqus’s app for Windows 10 is available now on the Windows Store. If you comment using Disqus, try it out.

Published: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 Last Modified: January 22, 2017

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