Lara Croft Needs Protecting, And You’re Her Guardian

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Tomb Raider reboot brings a new, vulnerable Lara.

You’ll be … protecting Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot, because she’s apparently quite vulnerable

The Tomb Raider reboot represents new beginnings for Lara Croft, who we’ve known to be an all-out adventurer while maintaining her famous sexual image. The new, 21-year-old Lara in the upcoming title is in need of protection.

Executive producer Ron Rosenberg said that people want to protect Lara, who is on her first adventure in Tomb Raider and hardly has time to find her feet before being kidnapped and losing her best friend. Rosenberg describes players as a helper, backing her unlike a male protagonist. Aside from icons like Master Chief, our male leads in video games are all buzz-haired and devoid of personality. Cole from Infamous is the perfect example.

Toning down her sexual image is also a conscious decision, to make her more real and less virtual. I mean, would you really see an architect looking like Lara Croft wielding dual pistols while diving around in short shorts?

Rosenberg also said Croft goes from zero to hero, before pushing her down. It sounds like Tomb Raider will bring a roller-coaster of emotions, so we’ll hopefully see Lara at breaking point within the game.

Year Of The Bow

Along with being a prisoner in a scavenger camp and losing her best friend, Croft will be the subject of rape attempts – which we saw a hint of in the trailer – and it was certainly controversial. Rosenberg added Lara’s either forced to fight or die; in the rape scene, Lara kicks the scavenger and then escapes.

On the controversy, Rosenberg and the devs aren’t worried because they want to show a darker side to Lara. He also described the game as origin story, despite being a reboot. The comparison I drew was something like Batman Begins. The team also isn’t shocking for shockings sake.

Previous Tomb Raider games felt linear going through missions. Tomb Raider is going to be more open and give players choice on how to approach a situation. There was a moment where Lara is escaping the camp with a bow and arrow, and shoots the guards. My impression is you can sneak around them, as they aren’t aware of Lara. Tomb Raider releases 2013.

Published: Thursday, June 14th, 2012 Last Modified: June 14, 2012

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