Kingdom Hearts III will not be last of the series

In good news for fans of the series , the creator of the franchise Tetsuya Nomura , has announced that the Kingdom Hearts series will continue on after the third iteration.

Kingdom Hearts is not a trilogy

Kingdom Hearts has a massive following after the first two main releases in the series along with various spin offs that captured gamers hearts.

The Disney characters and action RPG orientated gameplay provided the perfect mix of nostalgia and freshness to prove a massive hit and fans of the series will be glad to hear the third main instalment will not be the last.


Rumours of Kingdom Hearts III been the last game of the series has now been put to bed by Tesuya Nomura who has said it will simply round of the current story arc but the series itself will continue.

The Series will Continue

“There was never a plan,” he states. “As a core game, this is finally the third, and 10 years have passed. I couldn’t call this a trilogy. There have been so many spinoffs. In ‘Kingdom Hearts 3,’ the battles that the characters have been fighting for the past 10 years will come to a conclusion. That is the plan. But the series will continue. Only the particular enemy they have been fighting the past 10 years will come to an end.”

This news will be sure to go down well with fans of the series as they can now look forward to more entries to the series after the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts III to be release on the next gen consoles

When asked, Nomura did not discuss the potential of various Pixar or Star Wars becoming involved in the series


Kingdom Hearts III has been announced for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is expected to be released a little after the launch of both consoles.

In the meantime check out the E3 reveal trailer below!

Published: Thursday, August 1st, 2013 Last Modified: August 2, 2013

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